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    Qtvr pan problems


      Hi there

      I have set a swing command on a qtvr sprite and I need the playhead to move to a marker once the swing is complete. To do this I want director to detect the pan of the sprite (in this case the swing is complete when the pan = 343). Have set up the swing and used the following frame script on the last frame of the sprite:

      on enterframe me
      global gthepan
      gthepan = the pan of sprite 1

      on exitFrame me
      go (the frame - 1)

      Then on the frame before:

      on enterFrame me
      global gthepan
      if gthepan = 343 then
      go to "transition"
      end if

      Nothing happens! And when I type "put gthepan" in the message window it tells me that it is 343! Why isnt it going anywhere then?? Have tried many variations of this on enterframe and exitframe.
      Am sure that the explaination is simple but this has me stumped - if anyone can help I would be most appreciative.... Cheers