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    JQuery in Phonegap not working?


      Hello First let me state that I am fairly new to web development. I know how to uss HTML, CSS and I have a working knowledge of JS.


      I'm looking to create a library type web app with phone gap. I have found a search engine that is based off of Jquery called tipue (Tipue Search, a jQuery site search engine ) and it works just fine in my browser. However once I use the Phone Gap Desktop Client and app to run my project, as soon as I use the search engine on my phone the app immediately just closes out and goes to the home screen. I just don't understand why. Jquery is javascript right? So it should work, at least that is how I see it.  I recently found out that there is a search thing called Jquery Mobile. Thinking that maybe the phone doesn't understand Jquery I tried using Jquery mobile instead but when I do the swap, the search engine doesn't work in the browser nor on my phone.


      https://osaintilien55-gmail.tinytake.com/sf/ODU0MzIyXzM3MTI5MjM  Browser Screen Reording

      https://osaintilien55-gmail.tinytake.com/sf/ODU0Mzk5XzM3MTMxNjU  Phone Recording


      Project Folder Dropbox - srApp.zip


      Thanks for your Help. If there anything else you need from me just let me know.