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    Cancelation issues.


      Cancelling my account seems to be nigh impossible.


      I want to move from Team Subscription to Photography Subscription, so far I've dealt with 5 different reps at this stage. The subscription is up for renewal August 23rd & paid up to date.


      Tried to cancel the renewal & was advised that I'd lose access & would be charged for the Photography Subscription today, that there is no provision on the systems to note notification of cancellation. So if I cancel today, I lose what I've paid for & if I'm out of the country, which is a strong possibility, when my renewal date is I'm forced into another years subscription for a product I don't have use for.


      What surprises me is that there is no facilities on the system to give advanced notification of cessation of subscription & Adobe make it as stressful as possible when dealing with customer services. There is no option to do directly through to cancelations, you go through to Member Services who then bounce you to Cancelations, if you're lucky.