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    Creating a "Quentin Blake" styled animation in After Effects


      Hi Guys,


      I am planning some commercial work for a client and I thought it would be really nice to animate something quite illustrative like quentin blake?


      what i mean by this is that the characters potentially have shaky bold lines and the colour inside  the line work is "imperfect" and perhaps looks like it was coloured in frame by frame? I wanna do this with rigged characters as actually drawing frame by frame animation is too time consuming, is this at all possible? if so how?



      Thanks in advance



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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          one cool way is if your art is in an illustrator file you can convert the art to shapes and use wiggle path and wiggle transform to make it "Breath" as they say. here is something I did in a few minutes.



          actually this is a traced drawing that I did in photoshop. my illustration skills in illustrator are very poor.


          imported to Ae and Create shapes from vector layer:

          add wiggle path and wiggle transform and with a little tweak you get this:



          this can look a WHOLE LOT BETTER if you work properly with objects and separate the fill from the lines so you can control them separately and in a relatively little amount of time get a frame-by-frame feel to your Characters.