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    Acrobat Comparisons


      Hello, I've created a tool for our aviation inspectors and I am seeking a way to change the legend on the Adobe comparison document (it comes up after the comparison). Can you assist? 

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi palfreda11745 ,


          Could you please elaborate on the issue?

          Which Operating System do you have - Windows/Mac?


          Would it be possible to post a screenshot here?



          Thank You!


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            palfreda11745 Level 1

            Of course, I am using Windows 7.  We created an electronic pocket guide for our technicians, we did it in Adobe.  The lists are updated randomly and we use Excel to get the lists together, transfer them to adobe and do a comparison (old to new).  The comparison is difficult to read, the legend is not followed and we want to simplify the output.  Here is the "get start page" after a comparison is completed.  also the legend is not followed at all.  Is  there a tutorial on just how to read the outcome? 

            Thank you. 

            Patti Jones

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              Adorobat Adobe Employee

              Hi ,


              Here is a tutorial explaining the process : Comparing Documents - YouTube 

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                CharuMaheshwari Adobe Employee

                Hi Patricia,


                In past couple of months, we have been addressing lot of issues and feedback that we collected from forums. If you want to play with the early build and provide more feedback, please join our pre-release program.

                If you are interested please let us know, we will contact you to get registered in our pre-release program.



                Adobe Acrobat DC Team