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    Why do errors persist/


      I'm using RoboHelp 2015, trying to generate Webhelp.


      I keep having a problem where something goes wrong and RoboHELP insists on keeping the wrongness. For example, I had a bulleted list that had a graphic in a line of text. When I generated Webhelp, the graphic was missing - all I got was the "no graphic" icon. I edited the list and re-imported the graphic, and regenerated Webhelp - same result. I manually edited the code on that list line to re-import the graphic - same result. I tried resizing the graphic - same result.


      I tried creating a second copy of that line in the list. This time, the graphic showed in the Webhelp. But when I edited the list again and took out the original line, the one that I had copied, once again the graphic was missing from the Webhelp.


      No matter what I did, as long as that line was inside that bulleted list, that one graphic refused to appear in the Webhelp. The only way I could finally get it to show reliably was to delete the entire bulleted list - all nine lines - and manually recreate it.


      I keep having this kind of problem with RoboHelp 2015. I have a project in which there are dozens of places where the ONLY way I can make something work right is to delete all HTML code for that thing and recreate it on a different line. There are dozens of places where things appear correctly and links work perfectly in the "Preview Topic" pane, but when I generate an output of any format, those things are broken. This is killing my productivity and I am now at risk of missing a very important deadline? What is going on here and HOW CAN I STOP IT?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What is going on here and HOW CAN I STOP IT?


          Difficult to say without having access to view your project and know exactly how you are testing. For example, when you are viewing, are you clicking the View Result button at the end of the generation process? Or are you publishing to a server, then testing from there?


          As for the image and the bullets, without seeing the actual HTML code in the RoboHelp editor, it's difficult to know what may be happening. For example, maybe a build tag was placed on the image or something. Again, hard to say without seeing an example of the code.


          Is this a project that was upgraded from an earlier version?


          Cheers... Rick