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    gotoAndPlay different scene

      I'm trying to make a tic tac toe game, and each button is a movie clip, and i want the program when a player wins to go to the next frame in Scene 1
      the coding is in the frame inside the movie clip on a graphic, that is displayed when a player has won that square.
      ttone, tttwo, and ttthree are variables that are made 1 when x has squares 1 2 and 3
      _global.ttx is player x's score
      gotoAndStop(1) takes it back so that the square is blank (the first frame of the movie clip is a blank square)

      im not sure why the "Scene 1" doesn't work, cause it just goes to the last frame of that square movie clip, which is the 5th frame?

      Any help,
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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          i'm assuming you don't actually have more than one scene and aren't referring to a different scene than the one you're in? in which case, you should rather find the timeline in the hierarchy first and then just tell it where to go. so if your code is on a frame in a movie clip that comes off the main timeline, then refer to the main timeline first with this._parent. so you want something more like