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    Adobe Presenter and Quiz Formats


      We are a health care company wanting make Adobe presenter as part of our virtual orientation process for our new hires where we will be quizzing our new hires after each topic on the presentation. Can we make it so that the quiz scores are sent back to us once they complete it? Also can we monitor scores for each individual new hire by a unique log in code? I just want to make sure they can each have a sign in and we can track each. We are not a school setting so there will be no software to send grades back to.


      Thank you!

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          Adobe Presenter is a great tool to make your presentations more interactive along with with quiz and assessments however in order to capture quiz results and deeper analytics on your training initiatives you can consider Captivate Prime (LMS). Some of the things you can achieve using Captivate Prime are as follow:


          1.) Quiz Analysis - Captivate Prime offers quiz result in both percentage and points for every learner. You can also download quiz analysis sheet that has information on answers selected by each learner against each question

          2.) Reports - You can pull more than 120 reports in Prime around course completion, program completion, skills, learning time spend etc.

          3.) Learner Transcript - You can download learner transcript that has entire history of learning activity for an individual or group

          4.) APIs - Use the APIs to easily integrate Adobe Captivate Prime with intranet or other existing enterprise systems


          For product demonstration and more information you can reach out to your Account manager Hitesh Bajaj hbajaj@adobe.com