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    AE CC 2015.3: Render crashes when using GPU to render


      I'm running AE on a top-of-the-line system with dual nVidia geForce 980s (SLI configuration), 32GB of RAM, CUDA support confirmed.


      And yet, AE is crashing whenever I enable GPU rendering.  Faulting module every time is ntdll.dll, which by every Google search I do suggests a problem with a driver--but I'm running the latest available software from nVidia.  I'm using ray-traced 3D, which I know causes more than its fair share of issues.


      I know I can't be the only one this is happening to...has anybody found a solution or a workaround to this?


      (Adding to the mystery is that this only happens on certain scenes, that tend towards the most complex--simpler things, like 3D text with reflections, don't cause this glitch.)


      What I have is two animations of a spinning compass dissolving into one another, and the compass is a very complex object, being rendered in multiple passes.  I know there's a Cinema4D plugin to AE CC, but the truth is I've tried to use it for what I'm trying to do and can't figure it out.