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    Subscription Request - More Flexibility


      I'm currently a CC Photography subscriber paying 8.57GBP/month.


      I have no requirement for any cloud storage, typekit, or the FULL CC suite. I would like a cost effective (read: cheaper) option to add a single app (Illustrator) to my existing 2 app Photography subscription.


      Currently the only option is to add a single app @ an additional cost of 17.15GBP.


      Can I request a more bespoke approach to CC licensing. My business is very new, and committing to a 45GBP/month spend is unnecessary for the full suite and 25.72GBP is not a good deal for 3 apps.


      17.15GBP/month seems disproportionately high for a single (additional) app when ALL the apps are 45GBP/month (approx 3.75GBP per app)


      I would appreciate some feedback from Adobe on this, although I can imagine this topic has been addressed before, apologies for not doing a search.


      Many thanks,