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    Composition Frame Rate 24 or 23.976


      Hi all, I've been searching online for a clear answer to this, but haven't been able to get a firm answer--probably because there are so many scenarios that require unique approaches.  But here's my question:


      I'm creating an After Effects animation that will be 1920x1080 for film festival submission and possible online distribution, Bluray, DVD, etc.  It's only animation, so I'm not needing to match the frame rate of footage.  So, the question is, do I build my original project with composition settings of 24 fps, or at 23.976 fps, or does it even matter?  Will a project built at 24fps render out easily to 23.976 for bluray, or is it better to start at the 23.976 comp setting? Could I just as easily build the comp at 29.97 fps then just render out at various frame rates from AME without significant issues?