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    Changing Size of ScrollPane Elements Scrambles Display

    Paradigm Level 1
      I'm creating a presentation for a touchscreen and have a ScrollPane component which contains a list of personnel names as buttons, which call out to the root timeline and display a photo. As this ScrollPane is designed to be touched and the thumbbar draggd by a finger - I really need to increase the size of these elements.

      I imported the SampleTheme.fla and set about customizing all of the elements - changing colours and more importantly increasing the sizes. I changed all of the "arrow" elements to 50 x 50 pixels, and increased the width of all of the slide bar and thumbbar elements to 50 px wide to match. However when playing back the movie, all of the elements are slightly scrambled in that they are not in their correct positions within the ScrollBar component, the up arrow flickers when the mouse cursor is held over it, and the thumbbar jumps from the top position of the scroll bar to the bottom half before continuing to scroll. The down arrow is missing completely. It's all a bit of a mess.

      I noticed there were some elements in the ScrollBar folder that looked like "element maps" where each element was laid out in a grid. With the resizing all of these are now overlapping, which can't be helping.

      Does anyone know how to sort this out?