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    Phonegap Build - Where to put the app icons and splashscreen files


      As phonegap build says to upload only www.zip folder then I am not able to understand where I have to put the icons and splashscreen folder for each platform. Should I put that inside www ?

      The reason to ask this question is that if we are supposed to keep the icons and splashes inside www only then my app will become very heavy and unnecessary icons and splash screen files will be added into my app as my app is cross platform supported and I have include icons and splashes for all the platforms.

      If we work offline(phonegap cli) then we used to keep the files inside "res" outside the "www" folder and cordova build process automatically copy only platform specific icons and splash screen files but here it will add all the files even some of then are not required for selected platform. Please let me know if any one any idea about this issue.

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          VectorP Level 4

          a. When using Phonegap Build, your icons and splashes are anywhere you like. PGB doesn't require a specific directory structure of your zip file. Nor does it require some naming scheme.

          Best practice is:

          - have index.html, config.xml and icon.png in the root directory of your zip

          - have everything else nicely organized, as you see fit

          - make sure the paths in your config are exactly correct.


          For instance:




















          b. Make use of the so-called .pgbomit file to tell PGB to include only directories and files that are necessary for each operating system.

          See the Getting Started section of the PGB docs:

          Getting Started | PhoneGap Docs