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    Audio pitch changes in pre-render playback??


      Hi all,


      I have been using AE since 2006.  I now run CS6 and have run into a problem on an install on a Mac, just a few months old.  I'll make this as short as possible.


      I imported an audio file from Garage Band.  I import it into a composition.  I use the pre-render to listen to it.  It sounds fine the first time.  If I stop it and restart it--at the same place OR moving to a new location in the time line, it now plays at a much lower pitch--Darth Vader like.  I can take the same audio file and import it into AE on two previous machines, and this problem does not happen.


      I can't find a setting that is different.  I can't fid a way to completely reset AE to see if something changed that I am not aware of.


      Any ideas?


      Matt Linke