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    Timeline layers


      Hey everyone.

      I'm working on a feature for one of my extensions and I've come across a problem.

      The feature is to export all layers from a group into whatever image type the user selects (Jpg/png/tga)

      and save into a new folder based on the group name and then save the files either as GroupName_layerName or GroupName_ascendingNumbers.


      The problem I run into is when the user is using a timeline with those groups.

      What happens is when I try to go through the group and toggle each layer on and save it out, I end up getting blank images unless it happens that the frame the timeline is on has the layer active/visible (whatever you want to call it)


      So the question is, is there a way to check what frame on the timeline a layer is active so I can switch to that frame, save the image then continue on for all other layers?