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    Unexpected error installing add-ons – Extension Manager CS6


      The Problem: "An unexpected error occurred while attempting to verify this extension."

      What I have: CS6 Design and Web Premium on Mac OS X 10.8.5. with Extension Manager CS6 (German)

      What I want: Install ToolkitforCreateJS_1_0_3.zxp and AnimatedSVGExporter_3_46_0.zxp


      What I did:

      Albeit the error I was able to install the add-ons by following one of your threads:

      - renaming ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/opm.db to .../opm.db.bak

      - after that EM asked me for my AdobeID and rebuilt the opm.db and I could install the wanted add-ons

      - unfortunately that messed up my InDesign add-ons (got lots of exclamation marks in EM on standard Adobe add-ons)

      - I was unable to (re)activate these marked InDesign add-ons, InDesign was missing important UI elements, etc. and crashed constantly

      - the only solution was to reinstall InDesign and update all CS6 apps -> could (re)activate add-ons -> exclamation marks were gone -> InDesign stable again

      - I retried installing the zxp-files, but again no chance to install with the mentioned unexpected error.


      - I tried to install by CommandLine

      - hangs on ~/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/ZDR004a6e7e.TMP/exman_raw.zip_UNPACK/META-INF/signatures. xml

      - Console gives me .Adobe Extension Manager CS6: Warning: accessing obsolete X509 Anchors

      - is there a special X509 certificate that needs to be valid and present in the keychain for installing add-ons?


      - I tried switching from Java 1.8.x version to my original 32-bit version provided by Apple with no effect

      - I read about resigning the add-on with ZXPSignCmd (Version 4.x for CS6) but stucked because I couldn't find a way to sign an existing zxp-file or how to decompile the zxp-file to resign it

      - some years ago I was able to install add-ons without problems. Today I'm not able to install any add-on that I tried

      Any recommendations besides asking the add-on developer or reinstalling the whole CS?

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          csuserbp Level 1

          Update: The problem still remains, because every single add-on I download from Adobe Exchange can't be installed, throws the mentioned error and gives "validation failed" in ExtensionManager.log!


          Nevertheless FYI I managed to install "Toolkit for Create JS" and "Animated SVG Exporter" from other sources.

          What I did to install:

          - downloaded version 1.2 of the Toolkit and installed without problems from: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashpro/ToolkitForCreateJS/1_2/Toolkit_for_CreateJS_v1 _2.zxp

          - Version 1.0.3 that I got from Adobe Exchange was probably older than Version 1.1 that came with the latest regular update of Flash CS6. So version 1.2 was hopefully even a better choice

          - downloaded version 3.36 of SVG Exporter and installed with accepting a self-signed certificate from:


          - there it states: The last version that works in CS5.5 and CS6 is v3.36

          - from Adobe Exchange I got version 3.46 that obviously doesn't work in CS6


          Why is it just a workaround and not the solution:

          Adobe Exchange still has plenty of great add-ons that should be compatible with CS6 and that I can't get from different sources. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to install them so far.


          It seems to be problem of security features:

          - Could it have anything to do with certificates in the Mac's keychain?

          - Is my Adobe ID "bundled" with add-ons I download from Adobe Exchange and how can I find out which one?

          - How can I analyze the opm.db or find out with what Adobe ID my installed CS6 is associated with (I guess I still have a second Adobe ID from an old Macromedia account)?

          - Are there any better ways to debug the problem besides the detailed ExtensionManager.log?

          - Any suggestions?

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            csuserbp Level 1

            Update: My problem is solved! The "An unexpected error occurred while attempting to verify this extension." has gone if installing add-ons through Adobe Extension Manager CS6!


            How I got rid of the error message:

            I had an alias "Adobe Application Manager" in my Applications-Folder that pointed towards /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Application Manager/core/Adobe Application Manager.app. The CFBundleVersion string inside the info.plist was I have have no idea when or why it was installed on my system. Starting this "Adobe Application Manager.app" lead to an update to a newer version Afterwards a menu bar application popped up, asking to log in to Creative Cloud with my Adobe ID. I did NOT log in, because I do not even have a Creative Cloud subscription, but quitting the menu bar app by pressing "quit" in the app's gearwheel icon. Then I gave Extension Manager another try. After selecting an Adobe Exchange add-on to install in Extension Manager, the "Adobe Application Manager" popped up, asking me for my Adobe ID. Oddly it's default was my second (old) Adobe ID, that I replaced with my up to date Adobe ID and password.

            A few seconds later Extension Manager installed the add-on without any error and no hassle with my InDesign standard add-ons.


            As a side effect I got a new folder "/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Creative Cloud" with about 330 MB of stuff I didn't really seem to need. I luckily found  an Uninstaller in "/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Creative Cloud/Utils/Creative Cloud Uninstaller.app" that deleted the "useless" stuff with no known negative side-effect to the functionality of my CS6 nor the Adobe Extension Manager CS6.


            Thanks to everyone that was willing to help, taking the time to read this thread. I'll mark this as right answer for people digging into the same problem!