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    Icons & Splash screen of an universal app

    nicolasg83492958 Level 1



      When I build an universal appx with Phonegap Build, icons and splash screen are not used...

      I'm using cli-6.1.0 version.


      My config.xml is like that :

      <!-- Windows -->

      <platform name="windows">

           <!-- Icons -->

           <icon src="img/icons/Square30x30Logo.png" target="Square30x30Logo" />

           <icon src="img/icons/Square44x44Logo.png" target="Square44x44Logo" />

           <icon src="img/icons/Square70x70Logo.png" target="Square70x70Logo" />

           <icon src="img/icons/Square71x71Logo.png" target="Square71x71Logo" />

           <icon src="img/icons/Square150x150Logo.png" target="Square150x150Logo" />

           <icon src="img/icons/Square310x310Logo.png" target="Square310x310Logo" />

           <icon src="img/icons/Wide310x150Logo.png" target="Wide310x150Logo" />

           <!-- Splashscreens -->

           <splash src="img/splashscreen/Windows/splashscreen.png" width="620" height="300"/>

           <splash src="img/splashscreen/Windows/splashscreenphone.png" width="1152" height="1920"/>



      The links to each png file are correct and it works like a charm for Android and iOS.

      When I unzip the appx generated by Phonegap Build (to see what is inside) and I open the AppxManifest.xml, I see :


          <Application Id="XXX" StartPage="www/index.html">

            <uap:VisualElements BackgroundColor="#464646" Description="CordovaApp" DisplayName="XXX" Square150x150Logo="images\Square150x150Logo.png" Square44x44Logo="images\Square44x44Logo.png">

              <uap:SplashScreen Image="images\splashscreen.png" />

              <uap:DefaultTile ShortName="XXX" Square310x310Logo="images\Square310x310Logo.png" Square71x71Logo="images\Square71x71Logo.png" Wide310x150Logo="images\Wide310x150Logo.png" />





      In the images folder, there are all icons/splash screen of Cordova (with the droid).


      How can I force the appx to use my icons and splash screen instead of default ones ?