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    Improvement suggestion for Captivate 9/10: Advanced Actions

    alexanders_the_guru Level 1

      Dear Adobe Staff,

      I have about 4000 objects in my captivate project and every one of them must be inserted into advanced actions one by one, and this twice (show & hide).

      This takes hours for me to insert all one by one. So why isn't it possible to edit that with a textfile or something, like in Adobe Animate with an actionscript? This would save me hours and days of work. The objects are all numbered and I could generate the textfile in a few seconds/minutes with the help of other tools.


      So please make the advanced actions editable as a textfile. (There is a preview button which shows the advanced action as text, but not editable )


      Best Regards

      Alexander Skripkin

      Wincor Nixdorf