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    Knot in my stomach - please help

    Greg_M Level 1
      I have been using Flash for years and Flash 8 since it came out with NO problems. Suddenly, last night - this publish slowing down thing (that I've read about and have seen no answers for) started happening to me. It's like it's draining all the resources in my system to publish a 1.2 meg file. The Fla is not much over 4 meg. I've been updating this specific file every month for about 2 years with no problems. Suddenly - out of the blue - this happens. It was created in an earlier version of Flash and I publish in Player 6. I opened up other files in other projects as well - it's very odd - it's not affecting all - it's like it's mainly effecting projects that have multiple scenes. This is also happening to me when I try to work within the FLA of the "affected" files as well. To tell you the truth, I'm starting to get a bit concerned. It's 3:48 AM - I didn't sleep well tonight because of it. Like many of you - this is my livelyhood. I know others are starting to experiencing this. Are there any patches or upgrades that will fix this? Any ideas? I really want to get this knot out of my stomach!