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    Animate CC Image Slideshow Carousel

    rezun8 Level 4

      Hey everyone, I have a .Fla file that needs to be converted to Canvas. My issue lies in the correct scripting of the image Carousel that is on the end frame. There will be 4 logos that slide in left to right and depending on button clicked will either swipe left or swipe right essential a basic Image Carousel. The following code works perfect in AS3. I'm struggling to convert it and it keeps the banner from working/playing. What am I missing?


      code is on end frame of timeline.


      var count: Number = 0;



      //an array with the images  x - coordinate

      //add more coordinates based on number of images used - 3coordinates = 3 logos

      var imagePos: Array = [7, -140, -265];



      var imgLength = imagePos.length - 1;



      //left button = CarBtnLeft

      this.CarBtnLeft.addEventListener("mouseDown", buttonLeftPress);

      this.CarBtnLeft.visible = true;



      //right button = CarBtnRight

      this.CarBtnRight.addEventListener("mouseDown", buttonRightPress);

      this.CarBtnRight.visible = true;





      //left button press

      function buttonRightPress(e: MouseEvent) {


        if (count < 0) {

        count = imgLength;


        new Tween(Slider_MC, "x", Regular.easeOut, Slider_MC.x, imagePos[count], .5, true);

        // speed = .5 value, default is set to 1

        // change easeOut to easeIn if desired


      //right button press

      function buttonLeftPress(e: MouseEvent) {


        if (count > imgLength) {

        count = 0;




        new Tween(Slider_MC, "x", Regular.easeOut, Slider_MC.x, imagePos[count], .5, true);

      } * //



      Many thanks to all who can provide insight to what I need!