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    Professional intros the best approach (professional results)



      I am advanced after effects user who maybe lack of expirience in motion graphic area, but again I have enough knowlegde to accomplish almost all tasks since I am working in video production companies.


      I want to put my level of work on higher level, and since After Effects is tricky software, because we need to be creative with combination of layers, solids, with trapcode for example etc. With the time I understand that After Effects isn't so good and independent, because all stuffs you need to make use some kind of external plugins etc.


      First, I always have a problem related to making good background to look like on broadcast tv stations. I know that mainly of them it is combined with some 3d software ( I am advanced user in many modeling software as well, 3ds max, Maya, C4D, Houdini), but again I don't have enough expirience to make good render for tv backgroud purpose, and only my ''creativity'' stays in using Optical Flares plugs which lens flares give me pro results for the job. It is silly and not so professional, since it can ''lie the eyes'' but I know that it is not good.


      I have new task. I need to make several intro for business tv show, news, weather, music charts. I want to be creative. I have some ideas, but I want to know how to make it alive.

      For example this (business tv emission)


      Svet novca - YouTube


      I need to make some interesting mograph peace within 15 seconds, but I want to make high quality animated backgroud with perfect lighting.

      I see that here they used 3d animations of coins, but can you give me professional advice about scene composition, storyboarding of similar stuffs, about lighting, how to produce hi quality peace of similar videos. I feel often stuck because I can only rely on tutorials and that's all but many of them ( I saw billions) doesn't explain all important things here. I understand that here is the trick in video post part. I watched Red giant video about making similar intro (NEWS)


      Red Giant | Red Giant TV Live - Episode 3: News Graphic, Erupt Music Video Breakdown, Plastic Bullet OS X


      But again, as I understand AE for almost 8 years of studying it, many stuffs don't have exact rules, it is many of experimenting and in demonstration above is similar, but accent in using Trapcode Suits plugs. So I suppose that without Trapcode you can't make anything only in AE?!


      2) How to make some professional journal intro. The same problems as well.


      I want to make similar like this:




      I know that trick here is in good lighting, video post, good animation, good comosition and rendering of passes and combined them.

      But again, how to overcame this, I don't have clues and whatever I do I miss that pro feeling of my mograph peaces.


      I wish to answer me only pro's please.

      I appreciate all of your help.


      If some of you want to see my video reel, I can send it in PM, to just have insight of my skills.


      Thank you!