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    Replace armband in movie with a better resolution still photo?


      Hi. I'm a newbie.


      I have used Moca for AE to track an armband on a shirtsleeve - the person's arm is moving around as if giving a speech and emphasizing the point with arm gestures.


      I have a much higher resolution image of this armband as a still photo cutout. How can I take all the tracked info from the moving armband, and apply it to animate the still photo armband cutout  - then I would place the now-animated still photo in a layer over-top of the original)? Is there a good tutorial that is exactly like this situation?  I've been Googling, but to no avail.


      Thanks a lot.  Mark.

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          hi. Mocha workflow requires practice, it's not that intuitive so do read enough about it before you jump in (links provided later in the post) even if you do succeed in making the track stick, there is compositing involved (matching color and contrast, blur, and more...). the most simplify way to explain it for you, based on the information you provided, would be this type of workflow:

          1. in Mocha - track the footage, make sure you select perspective (in most cases)

          2. after the track is complete you export the track data to Ae by clicking here


          you choose this option to get corner pin data + Motion Blur


          in Ae you paste the information on (pay close attention) the image that it fit to the comp sized and precomped as the footage dimensions. for example - you got this image you want to paste as the tracked footage:

          so you need to fit it to Comp size (right click - transform - fit to Comp)

          now you precomp it and move all attributes, and only then paste the information at the beginning of the the timeline. and you will get this:


          here are the basics:

          Tracking and stabilization motion workflows in After Effects


          here's a quick start tutorial:

          mocha AE for Absolute Beginners on Vimeo

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Depending on your shot this may be a better solution:

            I almost never use straight corner pin cracking because the composite is so much easier to do in this two-step process.