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    Reinstallation of Lightroom:  Metadata Changed/Conflict

    ZdC Level 1

      I recently had to restore factory settings on my computer.  This necessitated uninstalling and reinstalling Lightroom.  Having completed this harrowing process, my images now have one of two alarming icons in the top right hand corner. 


      I understand these indicate:

      • upward pointing arrow:  Metadata has changed externally
      • exclamation mark: Metadata has conflict


      Which ever I press, I get the same error message.  Please see image below:


      Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 8.14.19 AM.png


      Some images I edited in Lightroom only and others I exported to Nik or Photoshop to edit.


      Either way, I would like my images to retain the edits that I have made.  And, I would like to make a batch change so that I no longer have these upward arrows and exclamation marks on any of my images in the catalog.


      FYI - my Lightroom catalog is on an external drive.


      I don't understand what is meant by 'Should Lightroom import settings from disk or overwrite disk settings with those from the catalog"?


      Would greatly appreciate some assistance on this matter.

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          In general, all of your image edits and changes to metadata are stored in the Lightroom catalog.  Depending on options you've set and whether you've invoked certain commands, the edits and metadata may also be stored in the files or in .xmp sidecars (for raws).  So when you restored your computer, as long as you retained the most recent version of your catalog folder, you have all your edits and metadata.


          The "Metadata has changed externally" icon means that LR thinks an external application has changed an image file's metadata after the last time any change was made within LR.


          The "Metadata has conflict" icon means that LR thinks that, since the last time LR read the metadata from the file, changes to the image's metadata have been made both within LR and by an external application.


          I think what may have happened is that the process of restoring your computer changed the last-modified dates of most of your files (this is the date maintained by OS X and Windows whenever a file of any type is modified).  This change in dates confuses LR.


          Assuming this is what has happened, it's relatively harmless.  To get rid of the warning icons, select all of the images and do Metadata > Save Metadata To File.  If you have a very large catalog, this could take a long time to complete, and it may cause your backup program to re-backup all of the images. However, to be on the very safe side, I recommend making sure you have a backup of both the catalog folder itself and all your image files before doing this.