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    Cloud File Storage Workflow - Recommended Best Practices?

    chirrchirr Level 1

      Hey everyone,

      I've been an Indesign user for about five years now, and I've had a pretty decent run at storing our source files and documents on Dropbox. However, I know that Adobe also offers cloud storage, and I'm about to transition our design workflow to something totally new, so this seemed like a germane time to investigate seeing if we can do it better and if anyone had any thoughts about their preferred cloud storage workflow.


      Right now, all our image and source files are stored on dropbox. Those files are accessed by multiple users in the same office space. Typical practice is to make sure the file is closed on one computer before opening it on another.


      In my new work, I've begun storing files on the Adobe creative cloud file storage system. Are there advantages or disadvantages to this?


      Also, we typically work with one master InDesign file that makes use of hundreds upon hundreds of images. Are there advantages to say, using the creative cloud library features? I don't do that much work that works across the Adobe applications, although i do use a lot of the same files in the adobe apps.


      Thanks for your time and insight!