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    What HTML editor to use?

      Just trying to get a quick list of the "pros" and "cons" of staying with FrontPage as my default editor or switching to the internal RoboHelp X5 WYSIWYG edtior. Thanks in advance for your input.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          HI stealthrt

          I think the answer to this is personal taste. For me, I tend to like the RoboHelp WYSIWYG editor. The extra KADOV tags and whatnot don't bother me. If you are an HTML purist, (as I suspect you probably aren't, as you are using FrontPage ) you might be interested in using Dreamweaver (DW) or something else. (Lots of those type of folks prefer DW because of the squeaky clean HTML it can produce.) However, if you are more comfortable using FP, you are free to continue using it.

          So the quick list here is:

          Using RoboHelp HTML WYSIWYG
          All editing is done in one place. RoboHelp HTML. No extra application opening.
          Full ability to use built in RoboHelp HTML specific features

          KADOV tags and HTML code that may be difficult to read

          Using FrontPage
          You seem to be already comfortable with it
          You can continue to use it with RoboHelp HTML if you want
          You can use add ins for extra HTML functionality. Perhaps the JBots sold at http://www.WebsUnlimited.com

          You may not easily be able to use RoboHelp HTML specific functionality. DHTML Drop downs, Pop Up topics, Conditional Build tags

          Hopefully this helps some... Rick