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    Lightroom 2015.6.1: Double Click in Transform Panel does not reset to Zero + Other Observations

    Oddshot Level 1

      After the 2015.6.1 update today, I can only reset the Transform panel to zero by typing in the value. Other panels appear to reset with a double click.


      Any others with this problem?


      And is anybody experiencing relief and significant performance upgrades since 2015.6.1?


      Overall, mine has improved a bit and initially after updating it seemed to work smoothly (no 'not responding' messages yet). But after importing a recent set of photos, HDR processing them and starting to edit, it's still not as smooth an editing experience as I remember from about 10-12 months ago when I didn't even think about going to the forums for solutions to bugginess introduced by updates.


      More and more of my time has been going toward resolving LR problems and looking for ways to make it run smoother... and this has me wishing I had not recently renewed my subscription and opted to instead tackle the learning curve of one of the other editing suites I demoed that had smooth performance.


      So far after this update, I am still compelled to minimize the window periodically to reset the memory usage, which seems to settle back to about 600mb from what previously would build to about 6-8gb after 20 minutes of editing.


      Nothing significant has changed in my workflow in the last year, yet LR has been becoming more difficult to use with each passing update. Even rolling back to 2015.5.1 and doing the other suggested solutions/workarounds does not make LR a pleasure to use again.


      I am running an i7 4770k, Win10, 16gb, 250gb SSD and the GPU is off, catalog optimized, cache set to 50gb plus the other recommended performance enhancing tips.