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    Font Substyle(?) Shortcut?




      I'm currently trying to data merge a document, but due to style reasons, after the merge I would like sections of certain text to be bold. Unfortunately, the font I'm stuck with has "medium" and "heavy" rather than regular and bold. Is there a shortcut, or could I create one, that would let me easily change the subtype (I'm not sure if this is the appropriate word)? Currently it's strenuous and more time consuming to select the text, then move to the font type and change it for each instance, where there are over a hundred records and probably 20 instances for each. Specifically, I am using Avenir LT Std


      Failing that, since our instances our consistently formatted, would I be able to create some sort of script or macro that would do it for me?


      For reference, the lists look like this:


      Person a, Organizaiton a; person b, organization b; person c, organization c.


      My thought was that maybe there was someway to automate a change in substyle, so that between ";" and "," would appear in the "Heavy" subtype. Now that it's written in front of me, it appears like more of a longshot than I had originally thought.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,