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    Just built a Asus x99 ws-e usb3.1 with Intel I7 5960x and Zotac 980ti and need some help


      We do Real Estate Photography and Videography and use the Adobe suite. Adobe CC to be exact.


      As mentioned I put all this together with 64gb RAM DDR4 on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit


      I have not overclocked the cpu. It has a EVGA G2 1000W PSU as well.


      I am good at building but not so much with configuring the system to run Premiere Pro and we also use Lightroom and Photoshop.


      I have 4 SSDs and 2 HDDs, OS is on 1 SSD with all the programs etc and the rest of the drives are export, RAW, etc. Just plugged into the SATA6g ports.


      I tried using Lightroom to do edit some bracketed shots last night and when I was running it, it was very slow.


      Can anyone help me with setting up or making sure the BIOS setting are correct? This computer should be freaking fast as heck and currently it is not.


      Thanks, if I left anything out please ask.