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    Convert LR CC catalog to LR 5.7 catalog?

    shikamu Level 1

      I have had ongoing problems with CC since I signed up for it in December 2015.  I am about at the end of my rope dealing with it so I am thinking about going back to LR 5.7.  You can see my thread with the continuing problems here:




      I still have LR 5.7 that I bought sometime back and used before I signed up for CC.


      Is it possible to downgrade my CC catalog to a LR 5.7 catalog?  How do I do it?


      I want to maintain my development settings, keywords, star ratings, etc.  Some of the photos I developed after I got CC use dehaze and a very few use transform.  I understand those 2 settings will be lost going back to 5.7, but that's okay since they were not all that important to me.  I don't care about PS since I still have PS CS2 and PSE 9.  PS CC has nothing I care about and the only reason I got it was that I could not get only LR CC when I signed up.