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    version 6 of the ftp plugin?

    rugfoot Level 1

      Does anyone have a version 6 of the ftp plugin? The version 5 that I have has various glitches that are driving me mad (see below) and could cause some major problems with clients.


      The ftp preset that I am using, Empics Direct, does not have its pw embedded, so I want to edit it:


      Screenshot 2016-07-27 09.24.14.png


      Screenshot 2016-07-27 09.24.26.png

      But when I click on Edit, it shows the name of a different Preset, Box, albeit with the Server and Username of Empics Direct.

      Screenshot 2016-07-27 09.24.37.png

      So I choose the name of the Preset that I want to edit.

      Screenshot 2016-07-27 09.24.55.png

      I type in the pw and tick "Store in password in preset".

      Screenshot 2016-07-27 09.25.14.png

      But when I re-open the Preset, aswell as giving me the wrong name again...

      Screenshot 2016-07-27 09.25.36.png


      If I choose Empics Direct, I see that the pw has not stuck.


      Screenshot 2016-07-27 09.44.30.png