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    Access a Clip-Item from Premiere-Importer-Plugin




      I would like to access already imported clip-items in a bin from an importer-plugin. Unfortunately I didn't find any way to retrieve a list of clipitems in a project. Is there a way to access this information (maybe a specific Suite-callback or one of the im* functions)?


      I would like to avoid importing an item, in case it was already imported before by another importer-plugin.


      Is there anyone who already did something like this before or knows a way to do it?





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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

          The Importer API doesn't allow for any queries/interactions with the project.




          If your importer for the .xyz file format is called to import file_1.xyz, no other importer will be called to import file_1.xyz.


          So, your importer can keep track (per PPro session) of which files it's already been asked to import. [Even if file_1.xyz was in the project from a previous session, your importer will still get called at PPro launch, so it can know which files are already in the project.]