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    RAW Files being moved when exporting




      I'm relatively new at LR and still finding my feet when it comes to terms with workflow etc.  What I can't work out is if I import a set of RAW files (I don't create a new catalog each time as I haven't researched into how this works), then export to JPG:  the RAW files have been moved from their original folder to a new one.


      e.g. Original path for RAW files I import  is C:Windows/Pics/SmithFamilyRAW


      I export the edited jpgs to C:Windows/Pics/SmithWeddingFinal


      But my RAW files move from C:Windows/Pics/SmithWeddingRAW  to C:Windows/Pics/2016/dd-mm-yy (date picture was taken)


      This is proving a nightmare to manage and retrieve the RAW files.  Especially if the pictures were taken across multiple days/weeks!


      Any ideas and help for a LR rookie before I throw my laptop against a wall?


      Thanks in Advance,