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    Indesign terribly slow


      Hello i need some help. Because i can't work. I'm french please apologise my English.


      I have made a book with indesign. 460 pages and a lot of photos (450...). indesign become more and more slow when i approach the end. I remake the file 3 times because i believed it was corrupt. But nothing change i ve make all updates i ve open my file with other account it's the same problem.

      Indesign runs correctly but at the end a simple order (texte for exemple) could take more of 30 seconds!! So it's impossible to me to work like that. When i'm at the end it's almost impossible to go back up in the pages!


      I use a PC Win 10 32Go RAM, SSD, Geforce gtx 960. ( this pc is a new one 2 months)


      Please could you help me because i don't have any idea to solve this problem.