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    Properties & Variables not showing in debugger

      I have flash mx and the debugger will not show any data for the Properties, Variables, Locals, or Watch tabs. I've selected everything on the object panel above it and nothing shows (yes, I know what scope is). I've set break point at various places in the action script. I've single clicked, double clicked, drag-n-dropped, highlighted, tried scripts in the samples folder, upgraded to MX 7.2, downgraded back to MX 7.01, reinstalled and still no progress. I simply cannot view the variables or properties.. not even on _level0 or _global. I also cannot set watch variables.

      I tried debugging a new document with 1 frame, 1 default layer, and an empty stage with this action script on the first frame.

      var test_str = String("test 1");
      var test_str2 = "test 2";


      for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) {

      I'm just getting extremely frustrated with this as I cannot use the debugger to figure out a code problem. I've used many debuggers before with a number of languages: C/C++, VB, Java from Sun and MS, Javascript, Perl so I am NOT a newbie at this.

      What am I doing wrong? Is there a known bug or am I not setting some obscure parameter?