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    Captivate recording ends unexpectedly

    End_unexpectedly Level 1
      Tried to record a CAE application ANSYS using Captivate. The recording will end unexpectedly every time when I clicks on certain keys in the pop up windows. I tried to change the end recording key from "END" to other combinations but it doesn't help. How to fix this problem? How can I end the recording if I set the stop recording key to "None"?
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          joel12345 Level 1
          I have experienced the exact same problem and have not been able to find a work-around and therefore cannot capture a simulation properly. Has anyone discovered a solution?
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            End_unexpectedly Level 1
            I posted the question then I experiment with the "start full motion recording" feature and was able to work around this "bug".
            Jusr Press the F9 key right after you start recording and press F10 and END key to end the recording. Don't have interupption issues anymore. Give it a try.
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              joel12345 Level 1
              Thank you very very much.....it works like a charm. you saved me a lot of headache. By the way, using this technique I am now able to begin a normal simulation, then just before the part that triggered the unexpected end, I press the "F9" key, demo that piece of the application, then press "F10" and continue on with the same simulation until I am finished then press "END" when it is all complete. I thought I would have to break up the simulation into several pieces but not so.
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                getbackjack Level 1
                I don't use the keyboard at all to stop. I click the icon in the task bar to stop recording. This way, you are not prevented from using any keys while recording the use of an application.
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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Hi getbackjack

                  Sorry to differ with you, but if a keystroke or keystroke combination will cause Captivate to stop recording, clicking the icon should have no effect to prevent this from occurring.

                  As for End unexpectedly, I'd be extremely leery of pressing F9, recording the entire movie, then pressing F10 to stop. For one thing, you will likely end up with one super long slide, as this creates a single and very long full-motion video (FMV) clip. Captivate does use FMV, but it's intended for brief operations lasting only two or three seconds. Dragging a window from one place to another, dragging the thumb of a scroll bar, etc.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    joel12345 Level 1
                    Hi Rick: You are right about the warning of excess file size using the F9. I do use it as you suggest, just for a few seconds to process a mouse click on an application Icon that would otherwise trigger the simulation to "end": Once I have bypassed that Icon and am into the function, I can turn off the FMV by hitting F10 and continuing a normal simulation. In my case, there have only been 2 such Icons that trigger the "end" of the simulation and this F9/F10 toggle works for me so far. Thanks for the clarification not to run the entire simulation under F9.
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                      getbackjack Level 1
                      Hello, Captiv8r,

                      When I first started using Captivate, I found that the default "End" key did not work when I tried it. It did not end the recording. I then customized Captivate to use another key to stop recording. That key worked, but then I found that I needed that key to manipulate the application I was recording.

                      So, rather than rely on a key to stop recording, I simply click the icon in the taskbar to stop the recording.
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                        End_unexpectedly Level 1
                        Hi Rick,
                        Thanks for pointing out that the F9 full motion recording created a much larger file size. However, in my every recording attemps, there are some strange interactions between Captivate and the ANSYS application dialogue windows. Everytime I press the OK button in the ANSYS application, Captivate ended the recording unexpectedly. I will have no idea when and what will trigger the END RECORDING function of Captivate and have absolutely no control over this. So other than using the Full Motion Mode all the way, I just cannot make any useful recordings. But because of the file size issue as you pointed out, I really hope Macromedia can look into this and find a solution for me. Do you work for Macromedia? Can you relay my request or should I contact the help desk myself? Please advise. Much Thanks.

                        Benjamin Liu (End unexpectedly)