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    PDF files created with Acrobat XI do not allow highlighting on Android App


      I'm using Adobe Acrobat XI to prepare pdf files since years. However, with large text - e.g. converted ebooks - I result in PDF files, which on deskop reader work fine: e.g. allow text highlighting. But on Android mobile i cannot mark text and for that I'm not able to highlight text or underline - however, adding text and notes is possible. I refer to PDF files uploaded to Adobe cloud.


      Even extracting a few pages of such a file doesn't help no marking of text possible. The size should not be the problem.

      On desktop text can get copied. Security setting should be a problem.

      Interestingly, highlights done on desktop reader do appear on Android mobile reader, can even get there deleted and text stored back to cloud.


      I hope that it is possible to save in Adobe Acrobat XI files in a special format/setting. Maybe the automatic WEB optimization inhibits some features in order to reduce file size. Unfortunatelly, up to now I haven't found an appropriate option.


      May be someone on the forum can help