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    Digital Editions not recognising my nook


      I have a Nook Glowlight Ereader, My provider has switched to sainsburys entertainment and i need to use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer books i purchase from the sainbury entertainment site on to the Ereader. I have copied the following instructions from the sainsburys website.


      ''What You Need to Do


      1. Get an Adobe ID here and select the 'Create an Adobe Account' link.

      • Enter your name, email address, location and date of birth


      2. Download the Adobe Digital Editions software and install on your PC or Mac


      3. Authorise your computer to use Adobe Digital Editions

      • Open Adobe Digital Editions.

      • Select ‘Authorise Computer’ from the ‘Help’ drop down menu

      • Enter your Adobe ID


      4. Download the ACSM files for your eBooks

      • Go to your Library in ‘My Account’

      • Find the book(s) you want to read and choose ‘Read Now’

      • Choose ‘Download your eBook now’

      • The eBook files will download as an .ascm file. The file name will include the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) of the book e.g. 9781444798173.ascm.

      • You can now open your eBook by dragging the file into Adobe Digital Editions


      5.  Authorise your eReader with Adobe Digital Editions

      • Connect your Reader to your computer using the microUSB cable provided with your Nook

      ○ IMPORTANT: Do this before opening Adobe Digital Editions. Otherwise, the application can't see the Reader

      • Launch Adobe Digital Editions

      • Adobe Digital Editions should automatically detect the presence of your Reader - it will appear in the left sidebar under ‘Devices’

      • Click the settings (wheel) symbol and select ‘Authorize Device’ to authorise it with your Adobe ID

      • Further info available on Adobe Digital Editions Help


      6. Get your eBook(s) on to your Nook

      • Make sure your NOOK is connected to your computer with the microUSB cable.

      • Launch Adobe Digital Editions

      • Drag the eBook(s) you want to transfer from ‘Bookshelves’ onto the picture of your NOOK in the left sidebar

      • When you have finished transferring your eBooks, eject the NOOK from your computer

      • Disconnect the microUSB cable

      • Your eBooks should now appear on your Nook and you can start reading''


      I have followed the instructions as written up until Point 5 where it tells me that ''Adobe Digital Editions should automatically detect the presence of your Reader - it will appear in the left sidebar under ‘Devices’ But this does not happen. All that is on the left sidebar is the last read book and underneath that Bookshelves. below i have included a screenshot.


                                                                                                      Can you please let me known how i can fix this problem.