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    Audio Glitch in After Effects CC

    sacrtc Level 1

      Using AE CC, though this glitch has been present on other versions as well. When putting together a comp in AE, we use mp3 audio. Sometimes to get things to fit correctly we need to either trim or extend the audio. Often times when we do this, AE will add a portion, very small portion, of the audio to the beginning of the clip. This portion is not on the original clip and only shows up in AE and the AE output. It doesn't matter how we trim it. Sometimes we use the Edit Original in Audition feature and sometimes we just open Audition and do the work that way. Deleting the cache and database in AE does nothing. Deleting the audio file and re-importing doesn't help. If we make a change to the file and then play just the audio file, the extra audio is not there, but it shows up again when the file is brought back into AE. It is hit and miss. Sometimes making a change to the audio, saving it, undoing the change and re-saving it works. Most times not.


      Has anyone see this? Any thoughts?


      We have to us CC because we have to have FLVs and newer versions of Adobe stuff doesn't support FLV anymore. It also doesn't matter what operating system, well not sure about MAC, but it happens on all types of Windows machines.