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    AEM Package Manager - Restoring package to older version




      I have observed an issue with the AEM Package Manager when I try to restore to older version of a package. Though I could see in the logs that the older package gets installed but the interface on the package manager still shows the higher package version with an "update" button that gets enabled. This leads to a bit of confusion visually as to which older version have we restored to. I mean we can see it in the logs but I suppose there can be a better way to inform the user about it.


      Let me know if I am missing some step here or is it made to behave this way for some other reason.


      FYI I observed this issue on AEM 6.2.


      See screen shot for reference:

      Here you can see that logs tell that Build-1 is getting installed. But at the end of it we can still see Build-2 in the package manager.