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    Need to make an URGENT "tag" appear on front page of PDF form based on status of signature


      Note:  I am using Acrobat XI Pro (not LiveCycle Designer)


      I need to have an "URGENT" label pop up on the first page of a PDF form in response to a particular signature field being signed.  I was thinking of creating a field with URGENT in big red letters, and then having it hidden by default.  I think I figured out how to determine if the sig field is signed:


      var oSigState = this.getField("Signature17").signatureInfo().status;


      if the oSigState variable is 0, it's unsigned, and the field stays hidden.


      I figure using an if-then statement based on the value of oSigState could then be used to change the display attribute, but I am a little unsure about how to do that.  Any suggestions?  I am a javascript newbie.  Also, how would I assign the display state to hidden to begin with?


      Thanks in advance!


      Marshall Jones