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    Constrain Crop check box in Transform tab faulty

    Califdan2 Level 1

      In the new "Transform" tab introduced in LR CC 2015.6, the Constrain crop button does not seem to work in many cases.  I am using CC 2015.6.1 so I don't know if this problem also existed in CC 2015.6 or not).  Examples:


      1)  Take un-cropped image, un-check the Constrain Crop box in the Transform panel,  Click Auto or Vertical or Full.  At this point you see the white space left when the image was skewed.  Now check the constrain button and it crops the image as expected.  Now un-check the constrain box - NOTHING HAPPENS. It just stays Constrained.  You have to go up to the crop tool under the Histogram to see it unconstrained


      2) No matter what state the Constrain Crop check box is in, when using the "Guided" or "Level" buttons it always shows you the constrained view.  You cannot see what was chopped off