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    Drop the map

    DDDiane Level 1

      Why do locations have to be on a map?  I do not want to use this feature; there should be an option to continue with locations and not use a map.


      I made tags dunnamany versions ago, upgraded to 12 and now to 14.  I am again adding tags and tagging pictures.  My locations do not have map locations, and I like that.  But I am told that any new tags much be on the map.  I do not want to do that.


      The fact that I don't want to should be enough, but let me add that I might have a location like "California" which would include LA and Sn Fco - two places which are not together on the map.  So it would be incorrect to use the map.  Drop the map.


      Another example is the restaurant In-N-Out.  Tasty chain.  But there are lots of them.  When I tag a photo as being at In-N-Out, I do not care which location it is.  I don't want to consider where it is on the map.  Drop the map.


      What if I don't want to indicate where a place is, but just want to call it a name "Sue's house"?  Drop the map.


      I will be using Event tags as Location tags and hope that I can convert the tag type, when the location tag is unconnected to the map.


      I do not mind if some folks like the map.  I just want an option which says I don't have to.


      If this exists, the support people are unaware of it.




      -- Diane