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    Why am I not getting the page for the adobe shockwave flash download?

    raining cupcakes


      Recently my computer is starting to have problems with one game, because Shockwave flash wasn't responding.So I decided to look up a solution on Youtube:

      how to fix shockwave flash plug-in isn't responding-shockwave flash plugin crash - YouTube  However, this didn't work and I thought that I didn't download Shockwave Flash player yet, so I went to this page to download it:  Shockwave Player | 64-bit Windows  My browser, google chrome, is 32bit and I clicked the page to download the 32 bit shockwave player.It only reloaded the page.I didn't get any download, is this supposed to happen?

      I also highlighted the address and pasted it in the address bar to load it but it reloaded the page again.How do I download shockwave flash player now?