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    Adjustment brush questions

    southwestform Level 1

      1. Every time I start with an adjustment brush it seems to have values already set for it. How do you start with an adjustment brush that does not have anything set for it?


      2. After using an adjustment brush to one part of an image I want to start a new adjustment brush and I click new, though it seems to be affecting the first adjustment brush. How do you start a new one?


      3. I'd like to take an adjustment brush to someone and remove some green cast on the person from grass, though after applying the brush, I go to HSL and drag the green slider to the left, though it seems to adjust the green for the whole image. What is the correct way to do this?



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          1. Open the Brush by pressing [K], Double-click on the word [Effect], Close the brush by pressing [K].  Now the brush will be reset to zero.

          Strangely there are now two situation-

          a) if you open the brush and paint an area (maybe with the overlay visible [O] )  THEN change the sliders, exit the brush, the sliders will be zero when next used.

          b) if you set the sliders first, then brush on the image, exit the brush, then the sliders will remain at the last used setting when next used. (This is what you are experiencing). I think many would just double-click [effect] each time the brush is activated.


          2. For a new brush, I find it easy to hover a finger over the [K] key on the keyboard- So my workflow might be-

          [K] opens the brush, paint, Press [K] TWICE to close the brush and re-open it with a new pin when I click the mouse.


          3. You do not have access to the HSL panel with a brush, but you could try the White-Balance sliders to adjust WB where you use the brush. Brush settings are limited to the grey panel that opens at the top of the panels column.

          And the 'Color' box allows you to paint a 'tint' over an area, but the color result is very dependent on the tones over which your are brushing. You can even use color with the brush set to -100 Saturation, this removes existing image color and paints in the chosen brush tint, but it will not add color to white areas without tones.