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    ALERT!  Phishing scam

    WolfShade Level 4

      Hello, all,


      I just wanted to let everyone know about something that recently happened to me.  I have a side-project that is nearing completion, and I started up a hosted account for it, which currently just displays one page with a link to the org FB page, and a notice that the site will be going live, soon.


      Someone guessed my password for my Network Solutions account page, and on 06 JULY 2016 submitted a DNS Change Request, pointing the DNS from the Hostek DNS to something at ZTOMY.COM.  As soon as I discovered it, I changed it back to what it should be; foolishly, I didn't change my password, so about an hour later, the hacker logged back on and switched it back to the ZTOMY.COM address.


      I have changed my password, and re-changed the DNS back to what it should be.


      THE IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW:  The ZTOMY.COM address was re-directing from my website to a page that looked authentically like a Network Solutions page, asking me to enter a CAPTCHA and log on to confirm my email address.  This is a PHISHING SCAM!  If something like this happens to you, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK.  I did, and now I'm paying for it.  Scrambling to stay one step ahead of these @55holes.


      Just letting you know.