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    Conditional function is not completely working

    CalicoCat5000 Level 1

      I have a currency field named CostOfWork and a second currency field named PaidFinalReviewFee.  When numbers are entered in one field, any numbers previously entered in the other field need to automatically be removed. 


      In the CostOfWork field properties I have:

      var v1 = this.getField("PaidFinalReviewFee").value;

      if (v1 > 0) {event.value = ""}; 


      In the PaidFinalReviewFee properties I have:

      var v1 = this.getField("CostOfWork").value;

      if (v1 > 0) {event.value = ""};


      It works properly when I enter a number in the CostofWork field then tab over and enter a number in the PaidFinalReviewFee field because the numbers disappear from the CostofWork field.  But the reverse does not work; when I first enter numbers in the PaidFinalReviewFee field, then enter numbers in the CostofWork field, the numbers stay in PaidFinalReviewFee and disappear from CostofWork.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.