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    Transferring licenses


      I think I have a fairly unique situation. I have an old Macbook Pro (2009), which my dad bought refurbished for me as a gift before I went to college. One thing that came with it was almost the full Adobe suite (if a full list matters, I can add that later. Let me know). All of the programs I've tried work on my laptop, but the computer is old, slow, and annoying to work on. I now have a Windows desktop which I'd like to use the software on, but I'm not sure how to transfer the programs. I tried using a flash drive, but the actual applications don't appear in their folders. I also don't know the account which activated the programs, so I can't just work on the licenses that way. Making things even more complicated, everything on my laptop is CS5, so everything's super out of date.


      Am I screwed, or is there some way to move the programs over?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You don't put diesel in a gasoline car, and you can't install Mac programs on Windows


          Even if you did have the install programs (you can't copy programs from one computer to another, even if they are the same, you must install) any CS5 serial number you have for Mac programs won't work for Windows programs


          >don't know the account which activated the programs


          You are not even using something that you own, so you basically have nothing


          Link to buy CS6 via telephone http://www.adobe.com/products/cs6.html read all the way to the bottom


          Someone with Win10 must subscribe to the Cloud since CS6 is not compatible (meaning the sales person will ask your operating system and will not sell you CS6 if it won't run on your computer... I don't know if that means only Win7 and you may not buy if you have Win8)