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    page breaks

    detritus books Level 1

      I've got a few problems re: page breaks


      My ebook is broken up into a few main sections, but also has an introduction, a preface, and an "autobiography" section at the beginning. What I want, is for the overarching sections to have their titles appear on pages by themselves. Like 3 individual title pages.


      I also want the introduction, preface, and autobiography sections at the beginning to start on their own pages, but with the titles sitting with the text, just above the first paragraph.


      I've made all the section titles "h1" (and the first 3 mini-sections h3), but when I exported, those h1 titles start a new page, but still sit just above the first paragraph, instead of sitting on their own pages, though the title page text is sitting on it's own page(s) (it's a three line title page: TITLE, SUBTITLE, AUTHOR'S NAME, with each part starting a new page...which is undesired). Easy fixes for any of these? CS6/Mac