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    What kind of password is indesign creating by default?

    simon343443434 Level 1



      I have a script that creates PDF from INDD. I have a set of options as follows: -


      with (app.pdfExportPreferences) 
          useSecurity = true; 
          disallowChanging = true; 
          disallowCopying = true 
          disallowDocumentAssembly = true; 
          disallowExtractionForAccessibility = true; 
          disallowFormFillIn = false; 
          disallowHiResPrinting = false; 
          disallowNotes = true; 
          disallowPlaintextMetadata = true; 
          disallowPrinting = false; 


      I don't want to put a password on the document open, but I want to protect the content. When I open a document created with these option in Reader, it tells me that the file is password secured. Great. But what is the composition of password i.e. how secure is it? How resilient is it to brute-force attack? How many characters? How many characters are in the set that are used for creating the password (symbols? uppercase? numbers?).


      Can't believe that this isn't documented somewhere..