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    Illustrator not finding moved Adobe Stock links

    Inkpot_Printing Level 1

      My workflow is to download Adobe Stock previews to my desktop (PC), place them in my Illustrator artwork file, sent the client a proof and saved the file and close it. I then moved the links into a subfolder to get them off my desktop.


      On reopening the Illustrator file, I get a message 'Could not find the linked file ..., Replace Ignore Cancel'.


      Before the Illustrator 2015.3 update I would click Replace and a Windows Explorer window would open so I could navigate to the new link storage file location, click OK and Illustrator would update the links.


      Now, since 2015.3, clicking the Replace button does nothing, the error message disappears for a fraction of a second and then reappears.


      I've tested and this behaviour only occurs with Adobe Stock downloaded AI files. Other file types such as JPG and AI files from other sources all work correctly.


      I posted a report about this in the Illustrator forums and was told to discuss it here instead, please see this thread: Illustrator can't find moved links


      Sure I could click Ignore for each placed image until the file loads and then manually relink all the files using the Links panel but that's a tedious job and a complete waste of time when the old behaviour should not have been broken. Plus, what happens if the links get broken again?